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We have a large selection of products on offer here at Sammi's kitchen accessories Amazon affiliate store and we are sure you will find just what you have been looking for in the kitchen. We have a large selection of juicers, spiralizers, bread makers, slow cookers, bakeware, chopping boards, measuring jugs and much much more.

Slow Cookers

slow cooker

Slow cookers are a great small kitchen appliances that really does save time and that is a great thing when you have a busy family, work or  social life. Prepare your evening meal in the morning and it's ready to serve when your ready. The cost  of cooking with a slow cooker can be around a third cheaper the cook a stew or curry compared to a conventional electric oven, dependent on what heat setting you use.




Juicer are a great way of making sure you get your five a day fruit and vegetables. Like most of us, trying to make the effort to eat all the right types of food so we get the right amounts of vitamins and minerals we need to maintain a healthy and active life is quiet hard. With a juicer this is made a lot easier to achieve and there are lots of great recipes available. To find out more about juicing visit our juicer section or browse the great selection of juicing and smoothy recipes books.



electric kettle
We have a fantastic range of kettles to suit every style of kitchen. Including stainless steel, ceramic, plastic and glass kettles for you to choose from. In a wide range of styles, shapes, colours and finishes, we are sure we have something for every taste.



Cutting down on carb's or just looking to make your meals fun? well you've
come to the right place, we have a large selection of vegetable spiralizers
in many different design's and colours to suit your budget and preferance.


Chopping Boards

wooden chopping board

In our chopping boards section you will find a large selection of different
types of chopping boards. They come in different materials, shapes and
sizes to suit your needs. We have wooden and plastic chopping boards,
in different sizes and price ranges.

Graters and Slicers

manaul slicer

We have found a great selection of manual slicers and graters which are
great for prepairing salads, vegetables, meats and cheeses. We have many
different styles to choose from and we are sure you will find just what
you have been looking for.