The Fruit and Vegetable Cuisine: 40 Low-Fat Raw Vegan Recipes for Great Taste and Great Health

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Rediscover the joys of fruits and vegetables with *The Fruit and Vegetable Cuisine*!

Now, everyone knows fruits and vegetables are healthy. In reality, right through all the dietary fads, fruits and vegetables have in reality remained the only true “health food” across the years.

But if you’re like many people, you find yourself:

– Wanting to eat healthier not knowing where to begin
– Tired of recipes that are complicated and simply taste uninspiring
– Struggling to get enough fruits and vegetables in your diet
– Looking to lose weight and gain health
– Ready for something new!

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Sign up for me as we explore the great taste and great health that fruits and vegetables have to offer.

With *The Fruit and Vegetable Cuisine*, whole, fresh, ripe, raw fruits and vegetables is the secret. Everything is *low-fat*, *vegan-friendly*, easy to make and simply delicious.

Since the age of nine, my passion for diet and health has only continued to grow, and I’m so excited to share these recipes — my *top 40* fruit-and-vegetable dishes — with you in this book.

Plus, *The Fruit and Vegetable Cuisine* includes information on:

– How to tell when fruits are ripe
– The only kitchen tools you in reality need and which are a *waste of money*
– Where to go to learn about the raw food diet
– How to gain access to The Fruit and Vegetable Cuisine Recipe Club
– And many more interesting facts with each recipe!

Will you take the step forward for your health?

Pick up a copy today, and enjoy for future years.

(Dear viewers: If you have an interest in a copy, I appreciate any sales be made at this book’s website,, over Your price is the same but the creator royalty is higher through my website. If is more convenient though for you, feel free and do not worry. I just figured I might as well add this note. Thanks for your give a boost to and enjoy!

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